Clients work with us for different reasons. Some choose us for our investment knowledge that comes from years of experience and extensive education. Others appreciate our attentiveness to their needs whenever they arise. Here are a few examples of why clients trust us as their wealth management partner, and of the solutions we have developed for them.


 We have been clients of Fred's for many years and now clients of Fred and Shawn's. We have always found them to be available, open and honest, always willing to listen to our needs and wants, share their financial knowledge, give recommendations and guidance so that we were able to retire with excellent financial security! 

Theresa and Terry


 Fred has become more of a family member rather than as a financial consultant. He met with us at least twice a year and many years more than that. He has repeatedly provided clear, consistent and professional advice as to how to best manage our financial assets. The last couple of years, we have also gotten to know Fred's son Shawn and we've been impressed with how quickly he has progressed to become a capable and accomplished consultant in his own right. Not surprisingly, Fred and Shawn make an excellent team, and it is our sincere belief that Shawn and Fred will continue to be valued members of the IG team. 

William and Wendy


 We have been associated with Fred Godwin and his team for the past 20 years. They have managed our portfolio successfully in good and in bad times. They are all very professional and a pleasure to deal with. When we moved to Ontario a few years ago, we did not want to lose them as our advisors, so Fred got his Ontario license and continues to look after our investments. 

John and Cathy


 Zoe and I sincerely thank Fred, Shawn, Investors and everyone else involved for the help and advice over the years. It has been at least twenty-seven years or more since a friend and co-worker suggested we contact Fred. It was the best decision we ever made when we look back at how our financial situation has turned out. From RRIFs and TFSAs to Mortgages and the fortune to have been able to retire earlier than planned. We both feel we would not be where we are today if it weren’t for Fred’s guidance along the way.  

Lloyd and Zoe